Monday, 9 April 2007

Arrival Auckland

27 Feb 20:30 Los Angeles Terminal B
Checking in was the beginning of a disaster – It appears no-one in Quantas was aware of the new BA baggage rules. We ended up checking in the hand baggage as the Quatas allowance in 7 kg - when BA operate a size but no weight limit. Cheecking the weight of my carry on case, it weighed 4 kilos empty! The weight was the least of worries – the seat pitch was microscopic and the cabin crew simply lazy the food indescribable, the most awful flight I have taken since the Soviet Aeroflot days.

01 Mar 06:00 Auckland Terminal
We arrived in Auckland in to very comfortasble be met by Nicola Garland who had been coordinating everything for 6 months. Janning all the luggage in was a challenge but we arrived at the Heritage City Life in Auckland centre – for a very comfrotable night except for a fire alarm at 2am which meant a 22 floor stairway exit and 40 minutes in the street surrounded by guests and fire engines.

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