Monday, 9 April 2007


05 Mar Whangarei The following morning we left with Paul’s Cousin Bob and his wife Cecily to visit his daughter Louise on the farm near Dargaville.
I had a fantastic day surrounded by 5 children, 160 cows, 40 sheep, 2 goats a rabbit and a frustrated Bull – a wonderful family.
We also visited a forest reserve and the fantastic 90 mile beach which is a public road, with road signs.
A swim in the Tasman sea, off Omamari beach, started the recovery of my back. In also swam in the Kaiiwi lakes and walked in the Kaihu Forest among the ancient ferns and giant trees.

06 Mar We set out to drive to Auckland for the Trinity Cathedral recital - and back to the Heritage Hotel City Life, a great hotel who supported the MS Cause and all were so helpful and kind -

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