Monday, 9 April 2007


27 Mar

First rehearsal total disaster with Eugene Onegin - having learn all the notes - I simply cannot easily only play half of them. Have to concentrate.
28 Mar
Rehearsal and Rest. We are going to play "Sugar Plum Fairy" for an encore - with Italian Polka.
29 Mar
Rehearsal and Rest
30 Mar
We cancelled the visit to Invercargil as its a 4 hour drive each way and both of us are getting a cold. Penguin and Albatross hunting - no luck - cloud on the ground.

31 Mar
Albatross hunting - Cloud on the ground - Impossible.

But the rest of Dunedin is bright and sunny.

Finally get to Good internet Cafe - got mail

Off to Caversham to find the Southlands MS Society and Margaret the field officer. We find Paul's double - another Paul 'Paardekooper'

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