Monday, 9 April 2007

Going Home

02 Apr Fly Dunedin Auckland.Lovely airport - very picturesque - A real airplane this time - and a good flight to Auckland except for a terrible approach - very steep turns and Paul said the stalll warning went off - we survived to be met by the now very pregnant - 3 weeks to go - Nicola who took us to the City Life to drop cases - the to MS Auckland to collect the three cases left there two weeks ago.
Big repack - The Quantas rules are 2x32kg and 7 kg hand bag EACH - what will BA in LA say ???
City life again - very comfortable - room upgrade - the staff are very kind
03 Apr Auckland
Lunch at the Viaduct - and views of the docks - Met Gretchen Hamiton of Biogen Idec - sponsors of the local concerts.
At 1530 Auckland Terminal I departed one hour late and Quantas proved that out outbound flight was not an exception - this one was even worse - no hot towels no separate drinks round no answer to the call bells - entertainment system was faulty - snack issued immediately after meal no landing cards till 30 min before landing last meal served at 50 mins before arrival - Sullen rude cabin crew.

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